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A carnival themed island wedding at Valkosaari, Helsinki

Putting together Hanna's and Tony's wedding at Valkosaaren Telakka was amazing. The atmosphere was laid-back, the guests had fun, everything looked lovely and the bride was just radiating beauty. Even the weather was on our side - the sky was cast with dark clouds the whole morning and early afternoon, it was pouring down around noon, but then about 5 minutes before the (outdoor) ceremony started magically it cleared up and we had the most beautiful blue sky and sunshine for the walk down the aisle.

Event styling, flowers and Photography: Hey Look
Venue: Valkosaaren Telakka, Helsinki
Favors: made from berries of the wedding couple's garden by the bride's mom

[Karnevaaliteemaiset häät Helsingin Valkosaaressa. Hey Look toteutti unelmahäät Hannalle ja Tonylle. Tunnelma oli rennnon juhlava. Kiitos Hanna ja Tony kun saimme olla mukana toteuttamassa unelmapäiväänne!]


  1. i absolutely LOVE your blog! so glad i found you via kinfolk. nate of kinfolk is one of my buddies from college. glad to see such a neat project and make connections to such great bloggers!

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