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If you've been planning to make a christmas calendar, but haven't got around to it yet, here's some last minute inspiration for DIY calendars. I make one myself every year; these days for my daughter; before she was born for a friend or a loved one. I love filling them with little treats, gifts, photos or cute tasks to get you into the christmas mood.

1 - Christmas ornament calendar: The White Company, via Love Nordic
2 - Painted jars: Brigitte
3 - gift arrangement in the shape of a christmas tree: Kotivinkki
4 - Copied animals holding little gifts (i love this idea): Brigitte
5 - Another ornament calendar: via The Perfect Palette (from Living at Home)

1 - Repurposed take away coffee cups: Living at home
2 - Paper bag calendar: Living at home
3 - traditional gift chain calendar: Martha Stewart
4 - Envelope calendar: Hobby Craft
5 - Matchbox christmas tree calendar: BHG
6 - Fabric cone calendar: Pickles
7 - Toilet paper roll calendar diy: Woman's day
8 - Painted mdf boards with attached gifts: Cirkus blog

I love the concept of filling the calendar of little tasks for every day that get you into the holiday spirit. Check out this lovely, simple calendar by Shim and Sons. 

Awesome printable calendars by Amanda Jane Jones for Oh Happy Day:

And this is the calendar I made yesterday for my daughter. The packages are filled with treats (cookies, mini raisin packages, chocolate popsicles), some craft supplies + accessories and supplies for christmas projects (cookie cutters for cookie-baking day, microwave popcorn for christmas-movie night, stamps for making christmas cards and wrapping paper).



  1. You inspire me to do those projects as well to have quality time and bonding with my kids. I'm just wondering if you also share some free online video learning for those DIY stuffs? Cheers!

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